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【规格】直径:24.26mm 重:3.20g


NameKaiyuan Tongbao

SpecificationDiameter: 24.26mm Weight: 3.20g



In the 13th year of Daye, Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty (617 A.D.), at the end of the Sui Dynasty, there was a great disorder in the world, and the people could not survive. Li Yuan, the Duke of Sui and Tang Dynasties, left in Taiyuan, took the opportunity to start his army and conquered the capital of Sui Dynasty. He became the king of Tang Dynasty and established Yang Yu, the sun emperor of Sui Dynasty. Soon Yang Yu was abandoned and became emperor, and Chang'an was transformed from Daxing. The Tang Dynasty was founded, and Sui Dynasty died.


After the founding of Tongbao, Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) destroyed the liangshidu in Shuofang in the second year of Zhenguan (628 A.D.) and became a unified multi-ethnic country. At this time, the feudal landlord economy and culture in the country has been a long period of stable development, the entire feudal society's economy and culture are showing a prosperous scene. After Emperor Taizong ascended the throne in August 626 ad, he made great efforts to govern the country, carefully adjusted the ruling policy, and carried out a series of reforms in politics, economy, military and culture, which made the feudal country appear a relatively stable situation, known as "the rule of Zhenguan".


Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, ascended the throne in the first year of congenitally (712 A.D.) and reigned for 44 years. During the reign of Kaiyuan, the Tang Dynasty entered its heyday, which was the golden stage of its high development, known as the "heyday of Kaiyuan". Kaiyuan Tongbao is the first currency of Tang Dynasty, which has the largest circulation and the longest use time. Because of its reasonable quality, proper currency control and exquisite workmanship, it is deeply loved by the people. Kaiyuan Tongbao has become a part of the big five emperors' money, which has the effect of exorcising evil and flourishing wealth.


The four characters of "Kaiyuan Tongbao" are very particular. The so-called "Kaiyuan" is "opening up a new era", while "Tongbao" is "circulating treasure". The combination of the two words means "circulation treasures after the opening of a new era". It means that in the Tang Dynasty, "Kaiyuan Tongbao" can be circulated to all parts of the country in a new era, just like Qin banliang and Han wuzhu. In addition, many people think that Kaiyuan Tongbao is the year money. The reason is that Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty, had a year of Kaiyuan, which is wrong.


Kaiyuan Tongbao is a kind of money with a non year number. It was cast in the early Tang Dynasty. Ouyang Xun inscribed it himself. Ouyang Xun was a figure in the early Tang Dynasty. Li Longji was born in the prosperous Tang Dynasty. The two lived in different ages for more than a hundred years. In terms of age, Ouyang Xun couldn't inscribe it for Li Longji. It's a coincidence that Li Longji set the year as Kaiyuan. The beginning of Kaiyuan in the middle Tang Dynasty began in the early years of suzong, and ended in the late years of Xianzong. The characteristics of Kaiyuan Tongbao in this period are similar to those in the late Tang Dynasty. From the perspective of texture, bronze and copper were mainly used in the middle Tang and Kaiyuan dynasties, with a certain amount of iron and lead. The noodles and silhouettes are quite neat, but the workmanship is not as exquisite as that of the early Tang Dynasty. Compared with the prosperous Tang Dynasty, it lost some weight. From the perspective of Qian Wen, the positive Qian Wen of Kaiyuan in the middle Tang Dynasty is the same as that in the late Tang Dynasty, except that the word "Kai" has developed to a wide style, but it is more complicated than the positive one. There are new types of Qian Wen, such as Xiangyun, Tongxin knot and so on. At the same time, the traditional casting amount of star moon inscriptions also increased significantly, and the moon pattern was dominant.


The fact that Kaiyuan Tongbao coins were not only widely used as general currency but also widely imitated as standard currency along the silk road shows that Kaiyuan Tongbao coins have become the standard of money casting in the whole eastern monetary and cultural system of various countries, and its influence has already exceeded national boundaries, not only belonging to a part of cultural exchange between China and foreign countries, but also along the silk road With the attribute of international currency, it has played the role of international currency. This is of great historical significance for us to enhance our cultural confidence and understand the cross-border circulation of RMB and its internationalization process.